personality to your home

5 more easy ways to add personality to your home

This post follows on from the previous post giving you five easy ways to add personality to your home. Here are five more ideas for you!

personality to your home

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You can completely change the feel of a room with the right lighting, whether it’s opening up dark corners with a well-placed lamp or hanging a string of fairy lights to create a romantic nook. Following on from the eclectic look we discussed in the previous articles, it’s great to have different styles of lamp and shade; just pick one style or colour to help link them together.

Layering Fabrics

You can transform your sofa or bed by adding plenty of scatter cushions. As with the light shades, choose a colour or theme to link them, and enjoy sharing a range of fabrics for that boho look that is so popular these days. Throws are also useful, whether they’re small pieces draped over the arm of a chair or full blankets on the bed that can be snuggled under on cold days.

Cut the Rug

Many of us are opting for wood or cheap laminate flooring such as those at Brighten them up with a rug that adds colour, pattern or texture to your room.

personality to your home

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There are plenty of cheap websites selling rugs, or you can try large chain stores such as Ikea. If you like the vintage feel, charity or community furniture stores will be great places to look.

Show off your stuff

You probably have lots of brightly coloured fabric just tucked away in your wardrobe. How about putting it on display? A simple bamboo cane can become a hanger for your collection of scarves or ties. A corkboard makes a great jewellery display to add a little bling. A high shelf with hats will take your clutter and turn it into a display.

Grow something

Finally, bringing plants indoors has always been a good way to brighten a room. If you don’t like cut flowers, plants are a great option. Succulents thrive on neglect, and they’re not just for hipsters. You could also experiment with things like moss painting to create a living display.

Ultimately, you should be yourself! Don’t be afraid to show off your quirky side and really make your house feel like your home.

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