Paint is a stable material ,which is used for preventing the walls. It acts as a protective coating against external environmental factors. It should be easily spread on the wall so as to cover maximum area. It should produce a tough and stable film on the surface. It should be easily applicable and produce a smooth and uniform surface film. The paint film formed should not crack and act as a strong protective barrier against the corrosive atmosphere. There are several types of paints used. Water paints and Oil paints are the two types of commonly used paints. Water paints are used for coating the walls and the oil paints are used for painting the art pictures on the wall or other surfaces.

The basic constituents used for making the paints are pigments, drying oils, thinners, fillers, plasticizers, driers and anti skinning agents. Pigments are the major ingredients of an oil paint, which provides desired color to it. They are broadly classified as inorganic and organic pigments. Drying oils provides adhesion, waterproofness, durability,  and toughness to paint. The thinner dissolves the constituents of paints and the plasticizers provides more elasticity and minimize cracking.

In addition to normal ingredients, some special chemicals are added to paints for some specific characteristics. They are known as Special Paints. Luminous paint is one such type of it. They contains fluorescent pigments and are used for visibility in the dark. Their applications includes inks,advertising sign boards, road marks etc. Some other special paints includes Heat resistant paints, Fire retardant paints, water repellent paints and antifouling paints.

Paints are organic coating materials, used to protect the wall or any other surface from atmosphere or other environmental factors. There are several types of paints used. Emulsion and Enamel are the two different types of paints used for coating the wall or other surfaces. They are the most commonly used paints.

Enamels are pigmented varnish.It is a colloidal dispersion of pigments in varnish which produce a glossy and lustrous hard coating. The important constituents of enamels are pigments, vehicle, driers and thinner. Enamel paint is available in different colors. It contains white lead or zinc white, petroleum spirit and oil. It slowly dries and become a hard and durable surface. Environment factors such as dust, gases, hot and cold water, acid, steam etc, do not affect the paint. It can be used for both external and internal walls.To improve the appearance, a coat of titanium white in pale linseed is applied before the coat of enamel paint.

Emulsions are the high quality paints which contains materials like Polyvinyl Acetate and Synthetic resins. This paint is easy to apply and will dries quickly in about one to two hours. The color of the paint is retained for a long period and the surface of the paint possesses excellent alkali resistance. The paint is applied by brush or spraying. For longer life, two coats are applied. For rough cement plastered surface, a thin coat of cement paint is first applied to smoothen the surface. Over this, the emulsion paint is applied.

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