Quad Chambers With Amazing Vapes

Haze Square Pro Review: Quad Chambers With Amazing Vapes

Tired of searching for the best dry herb vaporizer? Well, try your hands on the new Haze Square Pro Vaporizer. Need a full review of the product? We are here to help you. Keep reading to know more details of the product.


Haze Square Pro is the first device to offer four full convection ceramic ovens. You can not only use the device with dry herbs but also with the concentrates and essential oils as well. The oven size is big and can hold up to one gram of dry-herbs, which is much higher than the other high-end vaporizers. You can rotate the device to switch between the ovens. The users can derive a tasty and steady hit using the ceramic mouthpiece. The battery can easily be charged by USB, making it different from others which uses micro-USB cords to charge.

Talking about the price, the device is reasonably priced making it accessible for anyone. The best part about the device is at such a great price, it is offering a variety of features. It also includes app control compatible with most of the smartphones. This feature makes it easy to customize some settings as per your needs.

Now, let’s read further to know some details.

The flavor and taste

As the device comes with four convection ovens, you will notice a great taste of vapors. The chambers are made of stainless steel, which helps you get a cleaner texture and smooth vapor. Adding to that, the ceramic mouthpiece further enhances the flavor.

What makes the device unique from other? Well, the four chambers allow to load different flavor and give you a distinct combination of flavors.

How to use Haze Square

You just have to press the power button three times to turn the device on.
You can change the temperature using the plus and minus buttons on the device. The LED lights will change as the temperature increases.
You have to hold the main button until the lights stop blinking.
That’s it, your device is ready to hit. Vape strong and long.

Material quality

If you look at Haze Square Pro, you will notice, the overall look of the device is quite similar to a black box. The vaporizer might not fit in the pocket easily, but if you look at the overall functioning of the product, you will notice that it is one of the best portable vaporizers.

The aluminum casing and ceramic mouthpiece ensure that you will get a proper taste of the concentrates and the essential oils. The battery life is also pretty amazing, and a user can draw up to 37 draws once fully charged. One more great thing about the device is it takes just 40 minutes to charge completely. The users can use the USB-C cord to the wall adapter, allowing it to charge fast.


All in all, the device is excellent for providing quality vapor and is capable of pleasing anyone who is switching over from smoking. The smooth vapor and great taste make it worth the price.

Haze Square vaporizer is not very complicated, you can easily pull the material in the four chambers. The quality of material used in the device ensures that you don’t need to worry about the vape breaking if dropped. Being a portable vaporizer, it is convenient to use. The highly-versatile charger allows the device to charge in one go.

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