Planning Royal weddings in Rajasthan? Here is what you need

Marriage is one of the biggest milestones in every person’s life. Usually, every one of us gets married once in a lifetime; therefore, throwing a big celebration. In India, there are various rituals connected to the wedding. It means that it takes more than one day to successfully complete the function. After marriage, every woman has to permanently settle in the groom’s home.  In today’s post, we will list the how going-to-be brides can have royal weddings in Rajasthan.

Every girl wants that people always remember how her prince charming wedded her. A wedding celebration that makes her feel like a queen is worth the pain of leaving her parent’s home – where she has endless memories of her childhood. If you are engaged & live in Jaipur this is the right place.

Here are some tips to make your wedding Royal –

  1. Pick the right wedding Designation

The location itself sets the atmosphere of the wedding. If you want to feel majestic pick a location that is authentic and known to belong to the Royals. For example -you can book a palace if your budget allows it.

The Pink City has many hotels which have the majestic feel due to their rich architecture and similarity to the palaces.  Some of the Havelis which the kings and queen used as their guesthouse during the pre-historic times are also converted into hotels. These are small but serve as a regal setting. Booking havelis have its own benefits. You can enjoy a royal touch in a moderately high budget. The extra money can be utilized in other requirements – such as having the best Indian wedding photographers.

  1. Search for the Best Event managers in India

Along with the location, there is a lot more you need – props, lighting, sound system, decoration, designing, interior furnishings, etc.  All these should have an extravagant aura in order to create a royal look. Your family members might not be well aquatinted with the market and the different vendors you will have to reach out.

But the best event managers in India know everything. Some of them are even designers and so, you will don’t have to book a designer! It can save you from extra cost.  The managers have contacts of the top experts in the wedding industry.  They will be at the front with you and take the responsibility to through a successful wedding ceremony for you in their hands.

Check their website for portfolio. If you feel their previous project match your expectation, he/ she might be a suitable person to manage your wedding.

  1. Choose the right Indian wedding photographers

Every photographer has his/ her own unique style.  In the photography, business experience is not the only key to test the skills of photographers. Some people who are in the business for a long time might not know about the latest techniques. They might be using their old camera, photography & videography apparatus. The tech-savvy young generation can utilise the best cameras which have extra features. They also have the creativity to innovate something new.

Look for the photographer who has at least two-year experience & can deliver what you want. You can ask them for testimonies of the names of the people they have done a wedding shoot previously.

One of the biggest blunder people often make is to choose a  person who works in every genus. People who do only wedding photography are more-preferable, remember that!

  1. Choosing the right outfit & jewellery

It should be the wedding of a king & queen to make it looks royal. The bride & bridegroom must pick a traditional outfit instead of an indo-western piece of clothing.

The bride should wear heavy jewellery on her wedding day. If you can’t afford a high-weight real gold set, buy an artificial one. Wear the artificial set during the photo session while the gold one during the rituals.

  1. Make your guest feel special

Along with you, the people who invited should also be treated with a majestic gesture.  From the entrance to their departure, everything should feel delightful.

Warmly welcome them, have a massive food course with all the best dishes. Everyone has a different choice – you can have a different food theme to suit the taste of your guest.

Drinks, ice-cream, starter, etc. are n’t the only thing you need to consider. There should be enough room to accommodate every guest. The arrangement should be spacious & decorated to provide a beautiful ambience.

Conclusion – Want to throw royal weddings in Rajasthan? Follow the above mentioned five tips. These are simple points which you might keep in mind when preparing for your wedding. If you succeed in implementing these tips, every guest in will remember your grand celebration.

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