Everything You Need to Know about Spider Vein Treatment in Chicago

Spider vein usually occurs as a result of the congregation of tiny veins below the surface of the skin resulting in blue, red or purple discoloration. These are usually common on the ankles and legs.   According to vein specialists in Chicago, these do not have any symptoms and neither do they cause any health risks. While they may be unsightly, you can always cover them using cosmetics and other home remedies. However, you can also talk to a specialist in vein treatment in Chicago for advice on the best removal method.

Diagnosis of varicose vein

The first step towards the treatment of the condition involves evaluation by a vein doctor. The vein specialist in Chicago may ask about the history of your family, duration and if there are any symptoms. The spider vein treatment Chicago specialist will also confirm if there is any worsening or expansion of spider vein. The weight, height and other key health condition require to be noted well On top of the general inspection and palpation, the medical practitioner will also check if there any kind of ulceration or bleeding. When you stand for a period of 10 minutes, the veins become more visible.

Causes of spider vein

There are several factors that have been noted to contribute to development of spider veins in your legs. These include:

  • Heredity
  • Pregnancy
  • Hormonal shift
  • Occupations as well as the activities that require long-term standing or sitting
  • Fluctuation of weight

spider veins or varicose

Use of ultrasound in evaluating spider veins

The use of Duplex evaluation can be essential in evaluating the venous system. The ultrasound can help to delineate the presence of those defective veins and determine if these needs intervention. The dropper ultrasound may provide other additional information like the competency and the flowing of valves through the perforations as well as the deeper vein.

Who is at a risk of spider veins?

Spider veins commonly occur in men and women of all ages. However, the condition mostly affects women who are in their child-beating years as well as the elderly people. The varicose veins are usually very common. There are estimates that around 10% to 15% of the men and older women suffer from spider veins or varicose. Family history and older age are the two most common causes of the condition.

Causes of spider veins

It is not very clear what causes spider vein. At times, it is believed that these are caused by weakness or absence of valves in those veins that result in poor blood flow in the veins (venous circulation). The valves in the vein usually have a role of ensuring that blood in those veins do not flow in a backward direction or away from the deep veins as well as the hearts. These are usually located in the perforating veins and the deep veins.

At other times, weaknesses occurring in those vein walls lead to blood pooling. The blood vessel walls become weaker leading to an increase in the blood volume in the veins. This causes the spider veins.

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